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Parking Garage Mastic Floor Surface Repair

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Mastic floor surface repair in the parking garage of the high-rise residential building located on Lee Centre Drive was another project completed in 2020.

Traditional Repair Methods

Normally, to repair cracks and holes in a mastic surface – common in parking garages – liquid asphalt is used. It fills in the gaps, but the repair is not durable. The newly added asphalt quickly breaks up in high-traffic areas, making repeat repairs a constant reality.

Durable Repairs Possible

We use a different approach to provide a lasting solution. An aromatic (non-UV protection), self-levelling material is used to fill in any cracks in the mastic floor surface, as well as to install patches. It has exceptional adhesive qualities that provide a durable bond with the repaired surface.

Efficient Application

For the material to be applied properly, surface application temperature must be between -29°C and +65°C, which gives a lot of flexibility in the Canadian climate.

The material can be applied with a cartridge gun or a Graco plural component liquid pumping equipment – large surfaces can be repaired quickly.

Fast curing time (under 30 minutes) is yet another benefit: it allows for garages to be reopened for use within a few hours.

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