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Joint Seal is a Toronto-based company specialised in patching, crack repair, balcony slope reversal and decorative finish. High-strength concrete adhesives allow us to do thin patch applications, making it possible to repair even balcony ceiling surfaces and edges.


Our Services

Balcony Surfaces Restored & Waterproofed

Even those concrete balconies that are significantly damaged can be repaired thanks to our industrial-grade materials and repair methods.

We are a balcony repair company based in Toronto offering repairs without recasting concrete slabs, thanks to our specialised thin patch applications (recasting is done only when specified by engineers). Waterproofing balconies is one of our specialties.

balconies Crown Hill BEFORE.JPG
balconies Crown Hill AFTER.JPG

Lasting Repair Guaranteed!

Our specialised industrial-strength materials have been tested to the MTO standards to last 25 years, which ensures durable waterproofing.



Causes of Balcony Leakage

Cracks in the balcony surface and delaminated concrete are common causes of balcony leakage. A flat or inverted balcony slope, or leakage through the cold joint (where the balcony slab meets the wall) are other reasons a unit can be affected by water damage.

Balcony floor and / or ceiling repair must be done to correct such issues.

delaminated balcony surface.jpg
balcony slope reversal.jpg
balcony safe durable surface.jpg

Our Solutions

Efficient Waterproofing

Our industrial-grade materials allow us to do extensive concrete balcony crack repair, which ensures lasting waterproofing and makes balcony restoration possible. We fix leaking balconies!

Flood Damage Prevention

We are able to apply patches as thin as 5 mm, which makes it possible to reverse balcony slope, providing proper drainage and preventing water from leaking into the unit.

Safe Durable Surfaces

Specialised balcony coating (a waterproofing finish) is followed by non-slip aggregates and a layer of ​UV-resistant coating, which protects balcony flooring against weather elements and makes it safe to walk on, ensuring lasting concrete balcony waterproofing and giving the balcony a renewed look.

Application Benefits

Cost Savings

Since we can do extensive patching, condo balcony flooring and other balcony surfaces can be restored instead of having to be recast, which saves on costs. Slab recasting is done only when specified by engineers.

Permanent Waterproofing

Our materials provide monolithic adhesion made possible thanks to Polyforce’s 1.8 Mpa adhesion. Since it is greater than concrete tensile strength of 1.2 Mpa, the patch becomes monolithic and will not delaminate, ensuring durable concrete balcony repair.

Our specialised industrial-strength materials have been rated to the MTO standards to last 25 years.

balcony waterproofing membrane

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We offer a full range of repairs and waterproofing - patching, crack repair, and slope reversal. A specialised finish ensures lasting results and a surface that is safe to walk on.

Repair Methods


Balcony Slope Reversal

Our industrial-grade materials that allow for thin patch applications​ make it possible to reverse inverted or flat balcony slope.

balcony crack repair after.jpg

Concrete Crack Repair

Crack repair is the most cost-effective way to waterproof a concrete balcony and prevent future extensive repairs.

Our specialised materials make it possible to repair both single-defined and multiple cracks.

Concrete Patching

Under traditional repair methods, large parts of the balcony slab would require complete demolition and recasting.

The use of industrial-strength concrete adhesives and polymer cement permits thin patch applications, making the job much more cost-effective and faster.

balcony patching after.jpg
concrete surface before.png
concrete surface after.png

Decorative Protective Finish

Once concrete balcony restoration is complete, protective coating is applied to ensure long-lasting balcony waterproofing.

It is a two-layer polyaspartic membrane application: after the base coat is applied, non-slip aggregates are broadcast, followed by a top coat which fully seals the surface.


Call us at (647) 479-4069 or

ask for a Free Quote! 

We offer a full range of repairs and waterproofing - patching, crack repair, and slope reversal. A specialized finish ensures lasting results and a surface that is safe to walk on.


Leaks inside Apartments

Q: Water is leaking inside my apartment from my balcony – how can that be fixed?
A: This occurs when the normal balcony slope (towards the street) is flat or inverted. Because our specialised materials allow for thin patch applications, we can reverse the balcony slope, avoiding leaking caused by this problem.

Balcony Repair or Replacement?

Q: Pieces of my balcony floor have fallen off – will the entire floor have to be redone?
A: Under traditional methods it would have to be – new concrete does not adhere to existing surfaces. However, by using our industrial-strength adhesive, we are able to perform extensive patching, fully restoring balcony surfaces.

Balcony Crack Repair

Q: Can balcony cracks be fixed?
A: With traditional methods no, because old and new concrete cannot be fused together. Our industrial-strength adhesive does make it possible.

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