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We are a Toronto-based company specialised in concrete repairs and waterproofing. Our residential division offers a wide range of lasting solutions for basement waterproofing and concrete surface restoration.


Our Services

Concrete Repairs & Waterproofing

We are a one-stop-shop when it comes to providing concrete repairs and waterproofing. Through the use of specialised materials and repair methods, we are able to restore concrete surfaces, avoiding extensive demolition. We can restore porches, landings, stairs, balconies and more, avoiding concrete slab recasting (unless it is specified by engineers).

Our polyurea-based membranes offer a lasting waterproofing solution for basements, balconies, garage floors, pool decks, and other areas.  Our versatile topcoats allow for a choice of colours and textures that will make the surface look fully renovated, be easy to maintain and safe to walk or drive on.

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A Two-in-One Solution

Polyurea-based membranes repair and waterproof any type of traffic coating - they can be applied directly on top.

Application Benefits


Why Concrete Surfaces Break

Concrete undergoes normal deterioration due to the weather elements and the loads it has to carry, such as vehicles (as these are parked, or when the brakes or the accelerator are used).

Exposure to sunlight and extreme temperature ranges makes concrete crack over time, causing leaks in the basement, from the balcony into the unit, and other areas. The edges of concrete steps and porches tend to break up, creating a tripping hazard.

Timely crack repair, patching, and the installation of waterproofing membranes, as needed, will solve the problem of leakage and tripping hazards, preventing their reoccurrence for years to come

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Our Solutions

Crack Repair

Specialised industrial-strength materials allow us to repair cracks on concrete wall, ceiling, and floor surfaces because of the instant bonding our adhesives provide which ensures the crack filler material remains in place. We are able to fill single-defined and multiple cracks, avoiding slab recasting (slabs need to be recast only if specified by engineers).



Patches can be installed on floors, walls, and ceilings – they will not delaminate thanks to the instant lasting bond provided by our industrial-strength adhesives. We are able to install patches as thin as 5 mm which allows us to restore concrete steps without having to rebuild the entire staircase, to correct balcony slopes, and waterproof cold joints (any surface corner – floor/wall, wall/wall, ceiling/wall – which is the weakest area in the concrete surface, likely to leak), and repair a variety of other concrete surfaces.

Waterproofing Membranes

Our polyurea-based applications provide a lasting waterproofing solution for any concrete surface. They can be applied to the exterior basement walls or a variety of floor surfaces (balconies, landings, porches, steps, pool decks, garages), offering durable protection against the weather elements. Top coatings applied over the membranes installed on floor surfaces allow for a choice of colours and textures.

Application Benefits

No Extensive Demolition

In most cases, complete demolition and slab recasting can be avoided – we are able to do extensive crack repair and thin patch applications which allow us to fully restore any concrete surface and reopen the area for use much sooner. Recasting is only done if needed (it depends on the condition of the existing surface and engineer specifications).

Cost Savings

Being able to restore concrete surfaces, and not having to fully demolish and recast also saves on costs. Polyurea-based membranes are designed to last for decades, making frequent waterproofing unnecessary.

Customisable Surface Finish

A fully renovated look is made possible through the use of a variety of topcoats that come in many colours and textures. Using specialised aggregates ensures that the repaired surface is safe to walk on, easy to clean, and is protected against UV rays (a UV-protection topcoat is only required for surfaces exposed to direct sunlight).

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Adaptable Waterproofing Systems

Both polyurea- and urethane-based systems are available to best suit our customers' needs.

Our Sevices


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Equipment & Materials

Porches, Landings, Stairs

The most frequent issues in these areas are broken-up edges which can become a tripping hazard, and cracks that can cause leakage into the areas underneath, such as cold rooms.

Thin patch applications, extensive crack repair, and the application of a waterproofing membrane (depending on customer requirements) ensures lasting surface restoration and protection.

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Balconies & Patios

These areas sometimes have flat or inverted slopes, which makes the water flow towards the unit. Cracks on balcony and patio surfaces also cause issues with leakage.

We are able to reverse balcony and patio slopes through thin patching. Extensive crack repair is done to achieve complete surface restoration

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Garages, Walkways, Driveways

Cracked, delaminated, unlevel surfaces can cause a tripping hazard and must be repaired.

Specialised crack filler materials, thin patch applications, and the use of waterproofing membranes provide lasting repairs and waterproofing solutions

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Basement Waterproofing

We can waterproof basements from the inside and the outside. Indoor waterproofing consists of crack repair and patching, as needed, and a waterproofing membrane installation. For exterior waterproofing, the area around the wall perimeter is excavated, and a polyurea-based membrane is applied

Repair Methods

Pool Decks

Cracked pool deck surfaces can be fully restored with our specialised crack repair methods. Patching is done as needed.

For lasting waterproofing results and a fully renovated look, a waterproofing basecoat is applied followed by an aliphatic (UV-protection) polyaspartic topcoat which can be customised in terms of colour and texture. Specialised aggregates make the surface non-slip and easy to clean

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Cost & Time Savings

The most cost-efficicent system available - no extensive demolition or closure times needed.


Extensive Demolition not Needed

Q: Will my cracked steps need complete replacement?
A: Unless recasting is specified by engineers, we will restore your steps through lasting crack repair and patching. The new concrete will be as strong as the existing one.

Polyurea Waterproofing Membranes

Q: How can I protect my garage floor from wear and tear?
A: A polyurea-based membrane can be installed - it will fully waterproof any area. On floors where the membrane is applied, we broadcast the top coating with specialised aggregates to ensure the surface is not slippery.

Slope Correction

Q: Our balcony and garage floor are uneven and sloped towards the house, which is causing issues with leaking. What can be done?
A: We are able to reslope concrete surfaces because the materials used allow for patching as thin as 5 mm, and the industrial-strength adhesives provide a durable bond to the existing surface. 

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