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Joint Seal is a Toronto-based company specialised in patching, crack repair, expansion joint injection and ledge beam waterproofing. Our materials and repair methods allow us to inject expansion joints from the inside, avoiding costly podium roof excavation.


Our Sevices

Complete Garage Repairs & Waterproofing

Parking garage repairs are a major part of high-rise waterproofing. We offer a full range of parking garage waterproofing services, including ramp and garage floor repair and coating (as well as floor levelling and mastic surface repair), expansion joint injection, ledge beam repair, concrete patching, and crack repair.

parking garage ramp repair
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Lasting Repairs Guaranteed

Our specialised industrial-strength materials have been tested to the MTO standards to last 25 years, which ensures durable waterproofing.

Application Benefits


Why Parking Garages Leak

As cracks appear in concrete surfaces due to aging and weather conditions, water from the environment can make its way through walls or columns.


Podiums roofs will also start leaking when the waterproofing membrane fails and there are cracks in the roof itself, with water coming through the expansion joints or through the cracks in the roof.


The longer the repairs are not done, the more serious the issue will become.

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Our Solutions

Expansion Joints & Ledge Beams

Expansion Joint Injection

Our repair methods allow us to repair ceiling, wall, and floor expansion joints. We help save on costs by waterproofing podium roof expansion joints from inside the parking garage. We fully repair the joint, at the same time filling any cracks in the podium roof waterproofing membrane and in the concrete slabs around the injection.  

Ledge Beam Repair

To waterproof parking garage expansion joints located above ledge beams, we use guided rails to drill through the concrete beam. Injection ports must be installed properly, to ensure efficient waterproofing.

Our Solutions

Crack Repair, Patching, Flooring

Concrete Crack Repair & Patching
We do efficient parking garage concrete waterproofing thanks to the use of industrial-grade materials that allow us to do extensive concrete crack repair. It ensures lasting waterproofing results and makes concrete restoration possible.
We install concrete patches that are as thin as 5 mm which requires minimal demolition and makes parking garage restoration possible. Garages are usually back in service within 24 hours.

Garage Floor Epoxy
Epoxy coating seals garage floors ensuring lasting results.
It provides a nice-looking glossy finish which also acts as traffic coating.

Floor Mastic Repair
Our specialised self-levelling materials allow us to repair mastic floor surface instead of replacing it.

parking garage wall restoration and painting
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Application Benefits

Cost Savings
Unlike with traditional methods that require a two-inch demolition of concrete surfaces, we can do patching as thin as 5 mm - which saves time and labour.

Efficient Repairs
Since we can do most repairs from the inside – including the injection of podium roof expansion joints – the repaired areas can usually be reopened for use within 24 hours.

No Forming Required
The use of industrial-strength adhesives and polymer cement makes it possible to patch walls and ceilings without forming.

Repair Methods


Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy coating offers a range of benefits, from a good-looking glossy finish to a durable surface which works perfectly as traffic coating.

For proper installation, concrete garage flooring must be completely dry and not have been treated with a concrete sealer. If the floor is painted with polyurethane or latex paints, those must be removed to apply the garage floor epoxy coating properly.

garage floor epoxy
garage floor mastic.png

Floor Mastic Repair

An aromatic (non-UV protection), self-levelling material is used to fill in any cracks in the mastic floor surface, as well as to install patches.  

It has exceptional adhesive qualities that provide a durable bond with the repaired surface.

Expansion Joint Injection

We avoid costly excavation of podium roofs by working from the inside: we drill injection ports and inject our specialised liquid material which turns into soft rubber.

It has tremendous adhesion power capable of binding cracked concrete, and displacing any accumulated water, not allowing it to re-enter. All cracks in the membrane (adjacent to the area injected) are sealed, preventing hydraulic pocket formation and leak recurrence. Concrete slabs can still expand and contract normally. 


When needed, expansion joints can also be injected from the positive side (from the top, following traditional repair methods).

expansion joint injection
ledge beam patch before.png
ledge beam patch after.png

Ledge Beam Repair

To reach the expansion joint above the ledge beam, it is necessary to drill through close to 40 centimeters of concrete. To ensure proper drilling, a guided rail is used.

It is essential to make precise calculations, so that drill port will end up in between the concrete slabs at the top of the expansion joint opening.

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We offer a full range of parking garage repairs and waterproofing: crack repair, concrete patching, expansion joint injection, ledge beam waterproofing, floor epoxy and mastic repair.


Garage Waterproofing

Q: How are leaks fixed in garages?
A: If the water is leaking through cracks on walls and ceiling, they are fixed (Joint Seal’s specialized materials allow for patching even on ceilings and walls, usually without forming).

If leaks occur through expansion joints, these are waterproofed – even those located behind ledge beams. Our materials make it possible to do such repairs from inside the garage, which avoids podium roof excavation.

Vehicles during Repairs

Q: Do cars need to be moved during repairs?
A: Yes, to prevent any possible damage to vehicles and to give proper access to the areas that require repair. Most repaired areas are available for use within 24 hours.

Excavation Alwayd Needed?

Q: Is the ground above underground garages always excavated?
A: It is not necessary, thanks to our specialised methods and materials. We can do expansion joint injection from inside the garage, which makes podium roof excavation unnecessary – the expansion joints and cracks in the membrane around the injection are sealed with our liquid rubber materials.

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