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Parking Garage Repairs & Waterproofing

Permanent Waterproofing
Concrete Restoration

Cost Savings

Unlike with traditional methods that require a two-inch demolition of concrete surfaces, we can do patching as thin as 5 mm - which saves time and labour.

Application Benefits

Cost Savings

Through specialized methods & materials.

No Extensive Closures

Negative-side repairs, minimal demolition.

No Forming Required

Industrial-strength adhesives & polymer cement.

Garage Doors

Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy coating for concrete surfaces offers a range of benefits, from a good-looking glossy finish to

a durable surface which works perfectly as traffic coating.

For proper installation, concrete flooring must be completely dry and not have been treated with a concrete sealer. If the floor is painted with polyurethane or latex floor paints, those must be removed to apply the epoxy coating properly.

Our Services

Garage Floor Epoxy 

Inspection and true diagnosis

Floor Mastic Repair

Hidden leaks identified

Expansion Joint Injection

Inspection and true diagnosis

Ledge Beam Repair

Load-carrying capacity restored

Call our experts to find
a solution that is right for you!
Complete Repairs & Waterproofing for Garages
We offer a full range of parking garage repairs and waterproofing:
crack repair, concrete patching, expansion joint injection, ledge
beam waterproofing, floor epoxy and mastic repair.


For over six years, Joint Seal Waterproofing, has been providing parking garage repairs and waterproofing in Toronto, the GTA and the surrounding areas. We specialize in

thin patch applications, expansion joint injection and ledge beam repair. 


High-strength concrete adhesives allow us to perform all concrete repairs from inside

the parking garage, which avoids podium roof excavation, ensuring long-lasting results. 

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