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Expansion Joint & Ledge Beam Repair

Permanent Waterproofing
Concrete Restoration

Cost & Time Savings

Our specialized materials enable us to repair expansion joints from the negative side, making it unnecessary to excavate parking garage podium roofs.

Thanks to this less invasive method, less labour and time is needed, resulting in cost savings

and limited garage closures.

Application Benefits

Cost & Time Savings

- No excavation of podium roofs

- No extensive closures

Permanent Crack Sealing

- Monolithic adhesion

- Materials rated to perform for 15 years

Zero-VOC Materials

- Interior expansion joints

- Repairs in hospitals & clinics

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Traditional Repair Methods

Materials used traditionally are not as durable, and application methods call for

podium roof excavation to repair expansion joints located there.

Expansion Joints

Traditional Methods

- Require podium roof excavation

- Higher cost & longer closures

Joint Seal's Methods

- No excavation

- Efficiency & durability

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Expansion Joint Waterproofing on Any Surface
Time- and cost-efficient repairs: ceiling, wall, and floor expansion joints.
Materials rated to last 15 years.
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Ceiling Expansion Joints

Not having to excavate podium roofs allows for great labour and materials savings.

The repaired area is reopened for public use sooner.

Joint Repair on Any Surface

Ceiling Expansion Joints

- No podium roof excavation

- Instant bonding

Wall Expansion Joints

- Efficient application

- No extensive closures

Floor Expansion Joints

- Concrete slabs expand & contract

- Reduced application time

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Zero-Voc Materials for Interior Joints
Our specialized industrial-strength materials and efficient application methods allow for repairs even in such sensitive areas as hospitals and clinics.
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Expansion Joints in Medical Facilities

Zero-Voc Materials

- Fast-setting, odour-free

- Smooth finish

Noise & Dust Control

- Temporary enclosures

- Work during off-peak hours

Minimal Impact on Operations

- Coordination for scheduling work

- Fast curing time

Zero-Voc Materials

Smooth finishes of interior expansion joints are vital for patient comfort and equipment transport.

No odours emitted during the repair process.

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Ledge Beams Waterproofed and Restored
Our repair methods allow for efficient waterproofing of expansion joints
located behind ledge beams.
Thin patch applications make it possible to fully restore load-carrying capacity.
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Efficient Repair

A guided rail drill is used to calculate the direction of a drill port, which reaches into

the expansion joint directly.

Waterproofing is done fast, making it possible to reopen parking garages to the public quickly.

Ledge Beam Repair

Efficient Repair

- Precise injection port drilling

- Limited closures

- Joints behind ledge beams repaired

- No podium roof excavation

Expansion Joints

Load Capacity

- Repaired surface as strong as new

- Instant bonding


For over six years, Joint Seal Waterproofing, has been providing concrete crack repair and waterproofing in Toronto, the GTA and the surrounding areas. We specialize in extensive concrete crack repair and patching.


High-strength concrete adhesives allow us to ensure lasting results.

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