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Joint Seal is a Toronto-based company specialised in elevator pit repair, crack injection, and polyurea membrane installation. Our waterproofing applications are designed to withstand the harsh elevator shaft environment, and protect surfaces against oils and chemicals, ensuring long-lasting results.


Our Services

Fire Alarms & Engineering

Our licensed professionals offer mechanical and electrical engineering, as well as fire alarm system services.

Fire Alarms & Engineering

Elevator Pit Cleaning

Offered as part of annual maintenance or in support of repairs, elevator pit cleaning provides the added benefit of increasing the efficiency of sump pump drains.

As a complementary service to our clients, we offer an infrared survey of the pit condition.

Infrared Diagnostics

We offer this specialised thermography service of commercial-grade quality which ensures a precise diagnosis of the elevator pit condition.

Our clients can benefit from high-end equipment and years of expertise. Our team of professionals always provides a detailed inspection report which allows the proposed repairs to be substantiated.​

elevator pit waterproofing membrane


Our specialised methods ensure efficient crack and cold joint repair. Our materials provide monolithic adhesion made possible thanks to Polyforce’s 1.8 Mpa adhesion. Since it is greater than the concrete tensile strength of 1.2 Mpa, the patch becomes monolithic and will not delaminate.

We also apply polyurea-based membranes for lasting waterproofing. They cure instantly which allows
a one-car elevator to be back in service the next day.


A Full Range of Services

From pit cleaning to waterproofing, including infared diagnostics and engineering services. 



Floor / Wall Corner

The repair procedure involves a multi-layer coating: adhesive, patching, primer, fiberglass, and a polyurea-based membrane.

Floor / Wall Cracks

Cracks are routed with a saw, filled with adhesive, patched with cement, and waterproofed with primer.


​For patches of less than 1/4 inch thick, polymer cement is used.

Piston Housing

Water accumulated around the piston is removed, the area is cleaned thoroughly, and the space is injected with liquid rubber material.

block wall during.jpg

Block Walls

Specialised waterproofing materials are applied after a drainage system is installed, to ensure lasting results. 


Precise Diagnosis

As a complementary service to our clients, we offer an infrared survey of the pit condition.

Infrared Tech


Elevator Waterproofing Thermographers

Our highly experienced elevator waterproofing thermographers use modern, top-of-the-line technology in infrared scanning, to determine and engineer the best waterproofing applications.


​A thermal scan will clearly outline all areas of concern. Precise solutions will be presented to the client in
an application engineering proposal.

Industry-leading PU waterproofing spray application, together with concrete adhesives, permanently restores and waterproofs all common elevator pit surfaces.

b14 infrared camera pro user.png
Floor Wall Corner.png

Interpreting an Infrared Scan

Nothing hides from the watchful eye of an infrared camera!


As the images below show, darker areas - coupled with lower temperatures - show water accumulation.


The darker the color and the lower the temperature, the greater the water saturation problem.


Latest Tech at Your Service

A combination of the newest waterproofing tech and specialised materials ensures lasting results.

Equipment & Materials


Latest Tech

Using Graco spraying equipment makes it possible to quickly apply a polyurea-based membrane over large areas, seamlessly covering difficult geometry.

cube van.jpg

Exceptional Materials

Our green technology - solvent-free, no VOCs, fully-recyclable materials - provides a lasting waterproofing solution that prevents elevator pit flooding and protects sensitive elevator equipment.

Rated To Perform

Designed for hostile environments, our materials have been certified to withstand 25 years of harsh underground shaft conditions.


​Their properties are not lost after submersion in water or when applied to surfaces that undergo significant elongation and deformation.


Application Benefits

Sensitive elevator equipment is protected thanks to our lasting waterproofing solutions.


​Since our specialised materials provide instant bonding and curing, elevator downtime and application costs are significantly reduced.


A One-Stop-Shop for Engineering Services

We offer a variety of engineering services - mechanical, electrical, fire alarms & safety.


Fire Alarms

Mechanical Engineering

Our licensed professionals offer a comprehensive list of engineering and fire alarm system services.

Mechanical engineering services include HVAC, Plumbing and Sprinkler (with Hydraulic Calculation) Systems.

mechanical engineer.jpg

Electrical Engineering

Our licensed professionals offer the following electrical engineering services: Plug and lighting engineering,

Panel sizing & power distribution, Data and Communications Systems.

Fire Alarms & Safety

Fire alarm systems, Code analysis, Emergency/Security systems are among the services offered.

WPC - About Us- why choose us.jpg

Elevator Pit Cleaning – the First Step!

We offer elevator pit cleaning as part of your annual maintenance, or in support of work done in the pit. As a complementary service to our clients, we offer an infrared survey of the pit condition.

Pit Cleaning


Elevator Pit Cleaning

Whether done as part of regular maintenance or repairs, pit cleaning can help with pit diagnosis.


1. Can reveal issues with dampness, calcium accumulation, and rusted metal equipment.

2. Any of these issues point to a greater problem - a leaking elevator pit.

4401 Bathurst elev pit DURING (3).jpeg
Elevator Damp Walls.jpg

Damp Walls

The darker wall surface at the bottom of the pit can be an indicator of two possible scenarios:​

1. There used to be flooding that reached that level (but then the water drained through the floor with the help of a sump pump).​

2. The wall got saturated with water. This means that the wall remains damp and can start leaking at any moment, beginning to damage elevator equipment.

Calcium Around Cracks

Calcium deposits on elevator pit walls are an indication of a problem.


​1. Accumulation of this mineral is caused by a significant flow of water seeping from the outside.


2. This much water flow will inevitably lead to elevator equipment damage which can cause a complete shutdown.

Rusted Metal.jpg

Rusted Metal

Rusted metal surfaces indicate that the pit had been flooded to that level.


1. This could mean that all wall surfaces might be saturated with water.


2. There is a danger of flooding and further elevator equipment damage.

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