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Joint Seal is a Toronto-based company specialised in thin patch applications and concrete restoration. Industrial-strength concrete adhesives allow us to perform step restoration instead of recasting the stairs.


Our Services

Concrete Steps Repaired

Concrete steps in disrepair? Not a problem – they can be fully restored thanks to our specialised methods and concrete step repair products that make stair replacement unnecessary.
We waterproof concrete steps by doing extensive crack repair and applying thin patches, which also help restore concrete step geometry.

concrete step repair and coating
concrete steps home page.jpg

Lasting Repair Guaranteed

Our specialised industrial-strength materials have been tested to the MTO standards to last 25 years, which ensures durable waterproofing.


Application Benefits

Why Concrete Steps Break

Concrete step edges are especially prone to wear-and-tear, but any part of concrete stairs can crack, and concrete can start delaminating due to weather conditions.
If the steps are not repaired, they will continue breaking, creating a tripping hazard.

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Our Solutions

Efficient Waterproofing
Concrete repair comprises crack repair and patching, followed by a finish coat. Our specialised materials allow us
to do extensive concrete crack repair, which ensures lasting waterproofing and makes concrete step restoration possible. We install concrete patches that are as thin as 5 mm which allows us to repair concrete steps without demolishing them.


Lasting Finish
After we fix concrete steps, a protective coating is applied, which can be followed by a UV-resistant (for exteriors) non-slip paint.  Such complete step restoration ensures a lasting result.

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Application Benefits

No Recasting
Industrial-strength materials and specialised repair methods allow for concrete step resurfacing, making full demolition and recasting unnecessary. Stair replacement is only done if specified by engineers.

No Extensive Closures
Thanks to minimal demolition, concrete step repairs are done faster, and steps are available for use sooner.
A thin patch is applied to each concrete step that requires repair, providing a complete concrete step restoration.

Durable Repair
Our specialised industrial-strength materials have been rated to the MTO standards to last 25 years, which ensures lasting results.

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concrete step coating

A Waterproofing Finish

Polyurea-based waterproofing membranes are used in
a two-layer application: a base coat, broadcast with non-slip aggregates, followed by a top coat which completely seals the stairs.

The result is a concrete surface that is fully waterproofed, is safe to walk on and looks renewed.

concrete steps home page.jpg

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Time and cost savings are possible - stairs are back in service in less than 24 hours.

Repair Methods


Surface Preparation

Repairing concrete steps involves a multi-step procedure.

Concrete stair repair starts with the removal of any delaminated and unsound concrete.

concrete stair restoration

Crack Repair

To repair a crack on any concrete surface, cracks are cleaned out and then treated with a specialised, industrial-strength adhesive. Patching with polymer cement and a waterproofing primer follow.

Thanks to monolithic adhesion provided by our products, the repaired surface is fully restored.

Concrete Patching

Under traditional repair methods, concrete steps would have to be fully demolished and recast, which involves more time and materials.

The use industrial-grade concrete adhesives and polymer cement permits thin patch applications, making the job much more cost-effective and faster.

concrete steps home page.jpg

Call us at (647) 479-4069 or

ask for a Free Quote! 

We avoid full stair demolition and recasting thanks to our thin patch applications.


Concrete Step Repair or Replacement?

Q: My steps are breaking up – do they have to be completely replaced?
A: No, we ca restore concrete steps with our specialised products – we can repair cracks and do patching.

Sealing Concrete Steps

Q: What can be done to protect concrete stair surface?
A: We can apply a polyurea-based membrane – it coats and seals the steps, protecting them against weather elements.

Handrail Replacement

Q: Do you replace handrails?
A: We can coordinate and manage the removal of old and installation of new handrails.

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