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Flat Roof Repair & Waterproofing

Permanent Waterproofing
Concrete Restoration


Spray-on applications are much faster than roll-on methods.

A seamless fast-curing waterproofing membrane ensures complete durable flat roof repair.

Application Benefits


Spray-on application is much faster than roll-on methods.

Temperature Application Range

Applied at as low as -5°C.

Easily Adaptable

Application thickness adjusted as required.

UV Protection

More durable roof repair.

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Crack Repair

Thanks to monolithic adhesion provided by our products, flat roof repairs are done quickly and efficiently.

To repair a crack on any concrete surface, a clearly defined procedure is followed: cracks are prepped and then treated with specialized, industrial-strength adhesive, after which they are filled with polymer cement and a waterproofing primer.

Repair Methods

Crack Repair

Efficiency through monolithic adhesion.


Thin patch applications, minimal demolition.

Debonded EPDM Membranes

Durable results with multi-layer coating.

Roof Capping

Restoration & leakage prevention.

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Flat Roof Spray-On Membrane Applications
We offer spray-on polyurea-based membrane applications which allow us to cover large areas quickly while providing a durable waterproofing solution.
Crack repair and patching, as well as other repairs are done as needed.


For over six years, Joint Seal Waterproofing, has been providing flat roof repair and  waterproofing in Toronto, the GTA and the surrounding areas. We specialize in

polyurea-based membrane applications.


High-strength concrete adhesives allow us to perform all crack repair efficiently,

ensuring long-lasting results. 

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