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Joint Seal specialises in seamless, fast-curing, polyurea-based spray-on membrane applications which ensure complete durable waterproofing. Our material can be applied
at temperatures as low as -5°C.


Our Services

Flat Roof Repair & Waterproofing

We offer durable polyurea-based waterproofing solutions for concrete and metal (including corrugated metal) flat roofs.


Our cold-applied membranes – both roll-on and spray-on – provide lasting results for projects of any scale. Crack repair and patching are done ahead of membrane application, as needed.

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Lasting Repairs Guaranteed

Our specialised industrial-strength materials have been tested to the MTO standards to last 25 years, which ensures durable waterproofing.


Applicaton Benefits

Why Flat Roofs Leak

Bituminous roofs age with time due to weather-related
wear-and-tear, becoming brittle and cracking after exposure to the sun and going through freeze-thaw cycles. When water infiltrates through such cracks, the roof begins leaking.


Other reasons for leaking could be gaps created by shifted aluminum capping or penetrations (a pipe going through a roof, among others). With time, the seal gets dried out because of exposure to weather elements and regular contraction expansion, allowing water to infiltrate.

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Our Solutions

Cold-Applied Polyurea
Our polyurea-based membranes can be rolled on or sprayed on, depending on project size and other characteristics.

Crack Repair & Patching
If a concrete roof has cracks or delaminated concrete, we fill the cracks and do patching before a waterproofing membrane is applied.

Roof Capping
We realign shifted aluminum capping, seal any gaps and apply a top coat for lasting waterproofing results.

Application Benefits

Roll-on vs. Spray-on Polyurea
Spray-on applications are much faster than roll-on methods, but are not appropriate for all roof types.
High-rise residential and office building roofs require roll-on methods due to building height and accessibility. A spray-on polyurea-based membrane is ideal for commercial and industrial roofs, because this seamless fast-curing application allows for large areas to be covered quickly while ensuring complete durable flat roof repair.

Application Temperature Range
Our specialised flat roof polyurea-based materials can be applied at a much greater temperature range, going as low
as -5°C, which is an advantage in roofing industry.

Easily Adaptable
Materials used allow for application thickness to be easily adjusted, as required.
Applications can also be designed to cure at any rate between 30 seconds and 4 hours - curing time will vary depending on the application method.

UV Protection
Light-colour surface helps reduce heat absorption.
A UV-protective layer is applied for more durability.

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Call us at (647) 479-4069 or

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If you are looking to waterproof large roofs quickly.

We offer spray-on polyurea-based membrane applications
that ensure durable results.

Repair Methods


Crack Repair

Thanks to monolithic adhesion provided by our products,

flat roof repairs are done quickly and efficiently.

To repair a crack on any concrete surface, a clearly defined procedure is followed: cracks are prepped and then treated with specialised, industrial-strength adhesive, after which they are filled with polymer cement and a waterproofing primer.



Under traditional repair methods, patching concrete requires a minimum of two-inch demolition in the affected area.

The use of specialised, industrial-strength materials permits patches as thin as 5 mm on any surface, making flat roof repairs much more cost-effective and faster.

Polyurea-Based Membranes

We waterproof concrete, metal and corrugated metal roofs.


Concrete Roof Repair
After gravel, rigid insulation and fleece are removed, the concrete surface is cleaned. Cracks and patching are done,
as needed, and primer is applied. A polyurea-based membrane is then sprayed on or rolled on, as required by the characteristics of the project, followed by a polyurea top coat.

Metal Roof
Before applying primer, we ensure that the roof surface has no oil, rust, or debris. Metal is cleaned with sand blaster or grinder, followed by a solvent to remove any oil. Primer is applied, followed by polyurea.


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Call us at (647) 479-4069 or

ask for a Free Quote! 

If you are looking to waterproof large roofs quickly.

We offer spray-on polyurea-based membrane applications that ensure durable results.


Roof Replacement?

Q: My flat roof is leaking – does it have to be replaced?
A: No, unless the damage is extensive, and the existing materials no longer provide adequate protection.

Flat Roof Repair

Q: Can a flat roof be repaired?
A: It depends on roof age, type of damage and existing materials.

Repair Duration

Q: How long does it take to repair a roof?
A: It depends on roof size and the extent of damage. Our spray-on polyurea-based membrane application is significantly faster than traditional methods and provides much more durable results.

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