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 We are a Toronto-based company specialized in polyurea-based membrane applications.
Thanks to their exceptional chemical and mechanical properties, these waterproofing membranes 
provide lasting results on a variety of surfaces.


Our Services

Polyurea-Based Waterproofing

Thanks to our specialized materials and application methods, we are able to waterproof extensive areas quickly while offering lasting results.


Even those surfaces that are exposed to weather elements are fully protected for up to 30 years.

Membrane thickness and characteristics are adjusted based on the type of surface that requires waterproofing.

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Lasting Repairs Guaranteed

Thanks to their versatility, polyurea-based membranes are an optimal waterproofing solution for a wide range of projects. 


Application Benefits

What is Polyurea?

It is a synthetic polymer obtained from the reaction between an isocyanate component and an amine blend. Its molecular structure is insensitive to moisture, which makes it an optimal waterproofing membrane.

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Polyurea Benefits

Polyurea-based membranes are extremely versatile, as they can be applied to vertical and curved surfaces, providing an optimal coating even for complex architectural structures.


Its many advantages range from thermal stability and rapid application to texture and thickness adjustability. It is also a green product – its solvent-free, 100% solids formula is fully recyclable.

Polyurea - Its Many Applications

Polyurea-based membranes are ideally suited for applications with demanding requirements in weather, chemical, mechanical, abrasion, UV and ageing resistance.

For this reason, they are becoming more and more popular in commercial and high-rise residential roofing and flooring, as well as industrial applications.

In addition, polyurea membranes are used for a wide range of other applications: as coatings in the mining sector, wastewater treatment facilities and manhole / sewer linings, bridge coating, railway car and tank linings, pipe and pipeline coatings, marine applications, fuel storage and containment linings, tunnel and foundation protection, as coatings for commercial dumpsters and industrial equipment, water parks and swimming pools, and stadium seat coating,
among others.

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No matter the project size or characteristics, polyurea can be the perfect solution that offers lasting protection.

Repair Methods


A Typical Polyurea Coating

Normally, a polyurea-based membrane can be installed in one day (depending on project size) thanks to its ultra-fast curing time.


A typical installation procedure involves the preparation of the substrate, application of primer – if required, followed by an appropriate polyurea coating, and a UV-resistant topcoat. A layer of insulation might be required, as is the case with flat roofs, as shown in the graphic.


This final layer is not required if a UV-stable aliphatic polyurea is applied, or if the coated area is not exposed to sunlight. A polyurea membrane can be either rolled on or sprayed on.

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Roll-on Polyurea

Roll-on applications area ideally suited for high-rise buildings, or for small areas where using a spray machine may not be practical. This type of application can, however, be done in an area of any size.


After the surface is cleaned, primer is applied (if needed, depending on the material), and the membrane is rolled on. The last step – if required – is the UV-resistant coating (on a flat roof, gravel may be used instead).

Spray-on Polyurea

This is an optimal application for large-scale commercial, industrial, or institutional projects, since this technology allows to waterproof vast areas quickly.


Once the surface is prepared and primer applied, the membrane is spayed on. A UV-resistant topcoat can be applied if needed. In the case of a flat roof, gravel is another option for the top layer.

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Whether rolled on or sprayed on, polyurea membranes will protect your property against weather elements for up to 30 years.


Why Choose Polyurea

Q: Is polyurea better than other waterproofing membranes?
A: Because of its chemical and physical properties, polyurea provides a lasting solution (over 20 years). It can also withstand a harsh climate and be applied at a wide range of temperatures (as low as -20C), and its thickness and curing time can be adjusted easily.

Lasting Protection

Q: How long will a polyurea membrane remain effective?
A: These membranes can last over 20 years, fully protecting the surface against weather elements, chemicals, and abrasion.

Repair Duration

Q: How long will it take to apply polyurea?
A: Depending on project size, it can take as little as one day because it cures fast (curing time can be adjusted to between
5 seconds and one hour) and can be sprayed-on, which allows for large areas to be covered quickly.

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