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Lasting Solutions for Balcony Waterproofing

The waterproofing of a second balcony was completed recently at a condo building located on Queens Quay W. Because of the weather conditions at the time of the project and the complexity of our comprehensive multi-layer waterproofing application, the entire process took almost a week, to ensure durable waterproofing results.

Repair Method

To ensure a lasting outcome, we follow our established multi-step process. Once the surface is prepared – the existing layers are removed, and slight grinding is completed – we waterproof cold joints (a weaker area where balcony floor slab meets walls) by installing fiberglass sheets in an L-shape around the entire perimeter of the balcony. These sheets cover the walls up to 6 inches high and extend 6 inches onto the floor.

Following that, we applied multiple layers of a waterproofing membrane. First, we coated the surface with an industrial-strength adhesive and then installed a layer of geotextile coated with more adhesive as the base. After that, we applied a waterproofing membrane, an insulation board, and another layer of the same type of waterproofing membrane. We also added protective board sheets and sealed the seams with geotextile strips. To add extra reinforcement, we installed another set of L-shaped fiberglass around the balcony perimeter.

To finish, a final coating of a flexible waterproofing membrane was installed.

Waterproofing Application Benefits

The multi-layer waterproofing application described above offers several key benefits for balcony surfaces. Firstly, the meticulous installation of fiberglass sheets along the perimeter provides robust protection against water intrusion, ensuring durability and longevity for the structure. The multiple layers of waterproofing membrane, including the industrial-strength adhesive, geotextile layers, and a waterproofing membrane, create a highly effective barrier against moisture, preventing potential leaks and water damage. Additionally, the insulation board helps to improve thermal efficiency. By sealing seams with geotextile strips and adding protective board sheets, the system further enhances its resistance to water penetration and mechanical damage. Overall, this comprehensive approach to waterproofing not only safeguards the balcony against water-related issues but also promotes structural integrity and longevity, providing peace of mind for residents and property owners alike.

Learn more about our concrete repair and waterproofing solutions for balcony surface by visiting this page: 

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