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We are a Toronto-based company specialized in repairing concrete slabs, fully restoring their load-carrying capacity. Impressive 1.8 MPa  monolithic adhesion allows us to make concrete patches as thin as 5 mm, which saves on costly demolition. 


Our Services

Complete Concrete Restoration

Our specialized materials and application methods allow us to fully repair concrete surfaces, restoring their load-carrying capacity. Concrete slab demolition can usually be avoided, which saves materials, time, and labour.

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Lasting Repair Guaranteed

Our specialized industrial-strength materials have been tested to the MTO standards to last 25 years, which ensures durable waterproofing. 
Application Benefits


Why Concrete Surfaces Break

Concrete starts delaminating due to aging and weather conditions. Severe delamination can pose a hazard to resident safety, as is the case with broken up balcony floors.
In addition, cracks start appearing in wall, ceiling, and floor surfaces, allowing water from the environment to enter building structures.
Patching of concrete surfaces must be done in a timely manner to prevent more complex and costly repairs in
the future.

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Our Solutions

Wall Patches
The use of specialized materials that provide monolithic adhesion allows us to do thin concrete patch repair.
The newly installed patches will not delaminate thanks to
an instant and durable adhesive bond.


Ceiling Patches
Concrete patching is done efficiently on ceiling surfaces thanks to 1.8 MPa adhesive strength provided by our specialized materials. Extensive surfaces can be repaired. 

Floor/Wall Corners
Leaking through cold joints (the weakest area between adjoining slabs of concrete) is eliminated. A lasting adhesive bond will keep the patch in place. New concrete patches
will not delaminate, ensuring that the slab’s load-carrying capacity remains intact.

Application Benefits

Minimal Demolition

Impressive 1.8 MPa monolithic adhesion allows us to make thin concrete patches, saving on costly demolition.
Patches as thin as 5 mm are applied to repair any delaminated concrete on ceiling, wall, and floor surfaces.


Concrete Slab Restoration

Ability to do extensive patching allows us to fully restore concrete slabs. Recasting is only done when specified by engineers.

Lasting Waterproofing
Our specialized industrial-strength materials have been rated to the MTO standards to last 25 years. Precise waterproofing solutions and repairs are provided for any concrete surface.

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Repai Methods



Traditional Repair Methods

These repairs require a minimum of a two-inch demolition before a concrete patch can be installed.

Due to the lack of proper adhesion between new and old concrete, water will continue permeating through cold joints (weak areas where two concrete slabs meet).

Joint Seal's Repair Methods

Patching of concrete slabs is done efficiently thanks to
the monolithic adhesion provided by our industrial-strength materials and specialized repair procedures. Time, labour, and materials are saved.


To ensure durable results, we follow a multi-step procedure which includes surface cleaning, application of adhesive, patch installation, and surface finish.
If the patch must be done on a wet and/or leaking surface, we first dry it with a torch and stop the leak, before following our standard concrete repair procedure.


Joint Seal's Repair Methods

Cold Joint Removal

To waterproof the area where wall and floor concrete slabs meet (cold joint), we clean the wall surface and chip out
the cold joint, up to one inch deep, to ensure proper patch installation. In case the surface is wet, we stop leaks if needed, and dry the area. An industrial-strength adhesive is applied before the cold joint is covered with specialized cement, forming a 45° angle. The patch is then sealed to ensure
lasting results.

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We install patches as thin as 5 mm, thanks to our specialized materials and application methods.


Concrete Patch

Q: Is it possible to patch a hole in concrete?
A: Our specialized materials do permit such repairs because they make monolithic adhesion possible, making patched concrete even stronger than the original slab.

Durable Results

Q: How long will the repair last?
A: Since our materials have been tested to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario standards to last for 25 years, the repair will be durable.

Concrete's Strength

Q: How strong is the repaired surface?
A: It is even stronger than the original thanks to the unique qualities of our materials that provide a long-lasting, 1.8 MPa monolithic repair that ensures a full bond between new and existing concrete.

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