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 We are a Toronto-based company specialized  in concrete restoration.
Doing extensive crack repair allows us to restore concrete slabs instead of recasting them.
Our industrial-strength materials have been rated to the MTO standards to last 25 years.


Our Services

Concrete Waterproofing

Thanks to our specialized materials and application methods, we are able to do extensive concrete crack repair on a variety of surfaces: concrete floors, walls, and ceilings of parking garages, as well as other concrete structures, concrete driveways, concrete pool decks and patios, among others.

We offer lasting waterproofing and concrete restoration.

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Lasting Repairs Guaranteed

Our specialized industrial-strength materials have been tested to the MTO standards to last 25 years, which ensures durable waterproofing.


Application Benefits

Why Concrete Surfaces Crack

As concrete ages, especially when it is exposed to weather elements, it tends to crack. The longer the concrete surface remains in disrepair, the deeper and more extensive the cracks become, eventually leading to concrete slab demolition and replacement.
Timely concrete slab crack repair, in most cases, can prevent recasting.

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concrete ceiling crack
concrete ceiling crack repaired

Our Solutions

Wall & Ceiling Cracks
Concrete wall and ceiling crack repair can be done without forming thanks to the instant bonding provided by our specialized adhesives which keep the crack filler material
in place, ensuring lasting results.


Concrete Floor Crack Repair
Unlike with traditional products that do not provide a lasting adhesive bond, our specialized crack fillers ensure durable waterproofing.
We are also able to do concrete resurfacing with thin patch applications, as required.

Single-Defined & Multiple Cracks
Unless specified by engineers, concrete slab recasting can be avoided even on surfaces with multiple cracks.
Our specialized materials and methods provide complete restoration of any concrete surface. We can repair even hairline cracks in concrete slabs.

Application Benefits

Cost & Time Savings
Time, labour, and materials are saved because forming is not required, in most cases, thanks to the monolithic adhesion provided by our industrial-strength materials.


Slab Restoration
Specialized industrial-strength adhesives and liquid materials allow for efficient crack filling even on surfaces with multiple cracks.
Extensive concrete crack repair makes it possible to restore slabs instead of having to recast them (slab replacement is done only if specified by engineers).

Lasting Waterproofing
Restored concrete slabs are as strong as newly-cast ones thanks to our products’ adhesive strength: both parts of
a cracked slab are fused together when an instant bond is formed.

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Call us at (647) 479-4069 or

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We restore concrete slab load-carrying capacity through extensive crack repair, without the need of recasting.

Repair Methods


Concrete Crack Repair

To offer a high-quality concrete repair service, our well-trained in-house crews always adhere to our concrete crack repair procedures.


Whether the concrete surface has a single defined crack or multiple cracks, our repair method comprises several steps: the crack is cleaned out and coated with primer, followed by a specialized crack filling material. We grind over the repaired surface until it is smooth.

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Call us at (647) 479-4069 or

ask for a Free Quote! 

Eliminate leaks with our lasting waterproofing solutions. 


Crack Repair

Q: How do you repair cracks in concrete?
A: Cracks are routed with a saw, coated with industrial-strength adhesive, filled with polymer cement, and sealed with a primer. Our specialized materials provide much more durable results than traditional repair methods.

Lasting Results

Q: How long will the repair last?
A: Joint Seal’s materials have been tested to the Ministry of Transportation Ontario standards to last for 25 years, which guarantees long-lasting results.

Repaired Concrete's Strength

Q: How strong is the repaired concrete?
A: Because of 1.8 MPa monolithic adhesion achieved with our specialized adhesive, the repaired concrete is fully restored and is able to carry the original load.

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