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Manhole Restoration & Waterproofing

Permanent Waterproofing
Concrete Restoration

Eliminate Infiltration & Leaks

Water infiltrating from the environment into a manhole puts an additional strain on sewage capacity.

By sealing riser joints and cracks, we eliminate this issue.

We inject riser joints between pre-cast and cast-in-place manhole structures, and repair cracks to

eliminate leaking.

Application Benefits

Eliminate Infiltration & Leaks

Do not overstrain sewage capacity - get riser joints sealed.

Cost Savings

No excavation - less labour & time.

Full Restoration

No need for slab recasting.


Joint Injection

Riser joints are a weaker area in a concrete surface, where most leaking occurs.

We inject them to stop leakage and provide long-lasting waterproofing.

Repair Methods

Joint Injection

Stop leakage, for durable results.

Crack Repair & Patching

Thin patch applications, benching reprofiled.

Root & Incrustation Removal

Eliminate the cause of leakage.

Parging & Coating

Highly resilient membranes for top results.

Step Replacement,

Manhole Coverage

Quick and efficient solutions.

Call our experts to find
a solution that is right for you!
Manhole Restoration, Waterproofing, & Coverage
Complete restoration delivered through specialized materials and procedures.
Durable results ensured through efficient methods and elimination of leakage root cause.
Manholes can be covered, if requested by client.


For over six years, Joint Seal Waterproofing, has been providing manhole restoration and waterproofing in Toronto, the GTA and the surrounding areas. We specialize in riser joint injection, thin patch applications and concrete crack repair.


High-strength concrete adhesives allow us to perform all concrete repairs efficiently, ensuring long-lasting results, while providing savings of time and labour.

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