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We are a Toronto-based company specialized in concrete repair, restoration, and riser joint injection. Industrial-strength concrete adhesives allow us to perform all concrete repairs from inside
the maintenance chamber, ensuring long-lasting results.



Manhole Waterproofing & Rehabilitation

We offer complete manhole restoration by injecting riser joints, repairing cracks, as well as patching, parging and coating the concrete surface with a chemical-resistant membrane, which ensures lasting waterproofing results.


Lasting Repairs Guaranteed

Our specialized industrial-strength materials have been tested to the MTO standards to last 25 years, which ensures durable waterproofing.



Why Manholes Leak

Tree roots and incrustation are some of the causes of manhole leakage. Cracks and delaminated concrete are another cause – water from the surrounding environment can infiltrate, which overloads sewer capacity.
To ensure complete manhole rehabilitation, several steps may need to be taken.

Our Solutions

Root & Incrustation Removal
We remove any type of incrustation, and repair the damaged manhole walls by following our specialized crack repair and patching methods.


Manhole Waterproofing & Restoration
Complete restoration and waterproofing are achieved through crack repair, patching, and riser joint injection.


Step / Ladder Replacement
Steps or ladders are replaced, as required.


Manhole Coverage
We are able to cover up manholes, if requested, because our specialized materials make adhesion between concrete and metal possible.

Application Benefits

Eliminate Infiltration & Leaks
Water infiltrating from the environment into a manhole puts an additional strain on sewage capacity. By sealing riser joints and cracks, we eliminate this issue. We inject riser joints between pre-cast and cast-in-place manhole structures, and repair cracks to eliminate leaking.


Cost Savings
We use a less intrusive repair method that does not require excavation, which minimizes restoration costs. Our specialized industrial-strength materials have been rated to the MTO standards to last for 25 years, which ensures long-lasting waterproofing.


Full Restoration
Concrete surface is completely restored thanks to the monolithic adhesion provided by our materials.

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Our specialized materials and procedures ensure complete restoration.


Joint Injection

Riser joints are a weaker area in a concrete surface where leaking can occur.

We inject them to stop leakage and provide long-lasting waterproofing.

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Crack Repair & Patching

Cracks are repaired with specialized materials that ensure durable manhole repair and waterproofing. We can reprofile manhole benching.

Where necessary, patches as thin as 5 mm are applied, which is possible thanks to the use of our specialized adhesives and polymer cement.

Parging & Coating

Once the manhole walls are patched, their surface is parged and coated with a chemical-resistant membrane, which ensures long-lasting concrete waterproofing.

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Q - A Leaking Manhole

Q: Is it a problem if a manhole is leaking?

A: Yes, it is because this extra water could overload sewer capacity, since sewers are designed to carry a specific quantity of sewage.

Q - Sewer Exceeding Capacity

Q: What will happen if a sewer exceeds capacity?

A: It can result in overflows/spills and increased treatment costs.

Q - Manhole Repair or Replacement?

Q: Can a leaking manhole be fixed, or does it have to be replaced?

A: Manholes can be repaired. We use industrial-strength materials and chemical-resistant membranes which ensure durable waterproofing.

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