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Exterior Wall Waterproofing

After a successful completion of a series of projects in 2019 at two rental buildings located on Crown Hill Place in Etobicoke, we were asked to do more work last year, and now we are back again.

2019 Projects Two years ago, we started a series of waterproofing projects at this location. The first stage comprised the complete restoration of 28 concrete balconies, followed by balcony railing replacement which we coordinated, to ensure professional installation.

2020 Project The following year, we worked on the building façade between August and October.

The mortar between the brickwork had failed, causing the bricks to bow. Some of the bricks were broken.

We removed the old bricks and replaced them with similar ones (it was a challenge to match the colour and the size, since the original bricks dated from the 1950s). We purchased extra pieces to ensure their availability for future repairs.

Before installing new bricks, the wall was waterproofed after the old bricks had been removed. Since it was necessary to air out the newly coated walls for the waterproofing layer to cure, we had to stop the project in October due to weather conditions.

A total of almost 1,000 SQF of the building façade was restored, and drip edges were installed above windows to divert the water from the brick walls.

2021 Project We are currently continuing with façade restoration. This time our task includes brick cleaning.

Since power washing did not produce the desired results, we had to grind the stains off. The first phase includes restoring the brickwork underneath ten windows of the ground floor (approximately 10 SQF under each window).

We are also doing tuck pointing (repairing the mortar between bricks) and brick replacement, as required – using the extra pieces purchased last year.

Brick wall waterproofing and restoration
Exterior Wall Waterproofing

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