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Balcony Railings for a New Look

A typical concrete balcony repair may consist of patching and crack repair – with balcony railing replacement, if requested, as the final touch for a fully renewed look.

Balcony Surfaces – Step 1

Once concrete balcony floors and ceilings are repaired, parging may be done for a smoother looking surface and further waterproofing, followed by a layer of paint.

Our specialized materials allow for extensive patching which avoids balcony slab replacement (unless indicated by engineers) – this is exactly what was done in the rental units at Crown Hill Place.

Once parging and painting were done, the beautifully renovated balcony surface did not look right with the worn-out railings, so the owner decided to have them replaced.

Balcony Railings – Step 2

We were happy to coordinate the entire process to ensure professional installation and a modern, sleek look. Measurements were taken and the new design was chosen. Old railings were removed, and the new ones installed.

Fully renovated balconies definitely gave the entire building a renovated look.

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