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Concrete Stair Repair and Sidewalk Levelling

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Upon the successful completion of concrete balcony surface repairs and railing installation, the owner of the two low-rise rental apartment buildings located at Crown Hill asked Joint Seal Waterproofing to do concrete repairs at the entrance to the building. The new scope of work included the sidewalk leading to the entrance, concrete steps, and walkway.

Sidewalk Repair

One of the sidewalk slabs was sunk, creating a tripping hazard for pedestrians. To resolve this issue, the concrete slab was jacked up, and the void underneath was filled, to ensure efficient levelling.

Concrete Steps and Walkway

Concrete stairs and part of the walkway required crack repair. Once this was done, the surface was refinished, for a smoother look and more permanent results. The railing was replaced since it had not been in compliance with the building code – it was not high enough and was not attached properly.

Further Work Scheduled for 2020

Due to his level of satisfaction with our concrete repair work done in 2019, the apartment building owner expressed interest in continuing with renovation in 2020, focusing on building façade.

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