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Concrete Balcony Restoration

When the owner of the two buildings composed of five-storey rental units located on Crown Hill Place in Etobicoke first contacted us, he was concerned about having to replace balconies or even shut down the building (which was not an option due to tenant occupancy).

We offered complete restoration for all 28 balcony slabs – both ceiling and floor surfaces – and around the edges.

Scope of Balcony Repairs

Concrete balcony waterproofing may consist of crack repair, patching, slope reversal, parging, and a finish layer.

Specialized methods and industrial-strength materials used by Joint Seal’s professional crews make it possible to fully restore balcony slab geometry and load-carrying capacity without recasting (balcony slabs are only demolished and rebuilt if specified by engineers).

Work Done at Crown Hill

This project required extensive crack repair and patching. Once repaired, both floor and ceiling surfaces were parged over – for a smoother appearance – and finished off with a UV-resistant, non-slip paint.

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