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Waterproofing and Restoration Solutions for Garbage Rooms

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

After a successful completion of a large restoration and waterproofing project at a high-rise residential building located on Antibes Dr. in North York – close to 43,000 SQF of polyurea-based membrane application on their parking deck – we were asked to provide a lasting waterproofing solution for their garbage and compactor rooms.

Concrete floors in such rooms undergo a lot of wear-and-tear – large garbage bins are regularly dragged across their surface. Therefore, a solution that will protect these floors against such mechanical intrusions is required.

Repair Method

As usual, the firs step is surface preparation – grinding was done, followed by crack repair and patching. Afterwards, primer was applied before installing a polyurea-based membrane. Polyaspartic coating (broadcast with sand, to ensure a non-slip surface) followed.

The total area repaired was 300 SQF in the compactor room and 150 SQF in the garbage room.

Benefits of Polyurea

Such membranes provide lasting waterproofing results on a variety of surfaces thanks to their exceptional chemical and mechanical properties. Polyurea-based membranes are ideally suited for applications with demanding requirements in weather, chemical, mechanical, abrasion, UV and aging resistance.

Lean more about these versatile waterproofing membranes by visiting our page:

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