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Turn-Key Solutions for Underground Parking Garages

Several weeks after responding to an emergency call to remove an overhead hazard posed by loose concrete in the ceiling above one of the parking spots in the underground garage of a high-rise residential building located on Blue Jays Way in Toronto, we were asked to repair that section of the ceiling, as well as provide patching for parts of the garage floor, including an area around one of the drains.

Ceiling Repair

The challenging part about doing ceiling repairs is determining the right type of materials and following the correct procedure to ensure that the patches will remain in place. Only industrial-grade adhesives will do the trick – materials used for crack filling and patch installation will bond to the existing substrate.

In this case, an extensive patch was installed in the area where loose concrete had been removed during the first phase of the project. The surface was coated with a specialised adhesive, and a concrete patch was installed. It was then painted over, to match the surrounding ceiling.

Floor Patching

Only localised repairs were required (on one of the parking spots) – several patches had to be installed, including an L-shaped one. Our specialised materials and repair methods allow us to do patching of a wide range of sizes, extensive patches included, when needed. The floor surface must be prepped: some grinding is done to clean the substrate and remove any delaminated materials, and an industrial-strength adhesive follows to ensure durable results.

Patching around Drains

Doing this kind of repair work requires precision, as narrow patches are needed. As usual, it all starts with surface preparation. First, any loose material is chipped out and removed. In case there are any leaks, they must be stopped – hydraulic cement in combination with cold-applied polyurea is one of the options. Patching is done next. To finish the repair around the drain, cementitious urethane can be applied with a trowel.

Following this project's requirements, ceiling and floor surfaces were repaired, but other areas of a parking garage may require attention, such as expansion joints, ledge beams, columns, or ramps. Learn more about our turn-key concrete repair, traffic topping solutions, and waterproofing services by visiting this page:

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