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Pool Deck Restoration and Waterproofing

A pool deck and concrete step restoration with a total surface of 3,200 SQF at a mid-rise residential building on Inverhouse Dr. in Mississauga was one of our recent projects. The challenge was not only to provide a lasting waterproofing solution but also make the newly repaired surface look good.

Concrete Repair

The first step consisted of fully repairing the concrete surface before any coating could be applied. We followed our specialized procedure, to ensure durable results: areas of the concrete surface were ground, to open up the cracks so that our epoxy-based crack filler would be installed properly. These areas were then smoothened before coating the pool deck and stairs.

A Waterproofing Membrane

Once all the repairs were finished, a polyaspartic waterproofing membrane was installed. To provide the look requested, flakes were spread, and then a clear polyaspartic coating was applied, to fully seal the surface while allowing for the flakes to be visible.

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