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Polyurea - Its Many Applications

Polyurea-based membranes are ideally suited for applications with demanding requirements in weather, chemical, mechanical, abrasion, UV and aging resistance. For this reason, they are becoming more and more popular in commercial and high-rise residential roofing and flooring, as well as industrial applications.


With the minimum expected useful life of 30 years, polyurea-based membranes are an ideal solution for metal and concrete roofs. These surfaces are protected against weather elements and chemical fall-out.


Thanks to its outstanding chemical and mechanical properties – polyurea is tough yet flexible – and ultra-fast curing time, polyurea membranes offer an efficient and durable solution for parking garages and similar structures.


Because polyurea is environmentally friendly, it can be used in manufacturing and healthcare facilities, as well as for water containment systems, among others.

polyurea-based waterproofing

A Range of Waterproofing Applications

Polyurea-based membranes are also used for many other applications: as coatings in the mining sector, wastewater treatment facilities and manhole / sewer linings, bridge coating, railway car and tank linings, pipe and pipeline coatings, marine applications, fuel storage and containment linings, tunnel and foundation protection, as coatings for commercial dumpsters and industrial equipment, water parks and swimming pools, and stadium seat coating, among others.

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