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Lasting Repair and Waterproofing Solutions for Parking Garages

This week, we have been working on the second phase of a large waterproofing and concrete repairs project at a mid-rise residential building on Pharmacy Avenue. After completing garage ramp repairs in phase 1, we continued with concrete repairs inside the parking garage. Extensive crack repair and patching were done, fully restoring concrete wall and ceiling surfaces.

Crack Repair

To repair cracks efficiently, a three-step repair process was followed: cracks were cleaned out with a saw, treated with an industrial-strength adhesive, and then filled with a specialized material.


We were able to do extensive patching thanks to the use of specialized materials and repair methods, which allow us to install patches as thin as 5 mm, avoiding the typical two-inch demolition (to be done before patching) required by traditional methods. Our patches are monolithic, which fully restores the structural integrity of the repaired concrete slab.

Learn more about our wide range of waterproofing solutions by visiting our page on parking garage:

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