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Lasting Ceiling Crack Repair

Concrete repair work has continued at a mid-rise residential condo building on Church Street in Toronto for a new customer that awarded us a series of waterproofing projects. Different areas in the underground parking garage and utility rooms required some repair.

Optimal Solutions

Specialized materials and application methods allow us to do extensive concrete crack repair on a variety of surfaces: concrete floors, walls, and ceilings of parking garages, as well as other areas. Concrete wall and ceiling crack repair can be done without forming thanks to the instant bonding provided by our specialized adhesives which keep the crack filler material in place, ensuring lasting results.

Repair Method

Crack Repair Repairing ceiling cracks poses an added challenge: if inappropriate materials are used, they will not remain in place. Our repair method consists of opening up the crack enough to ensure proper material installation. Once cleaned out, the crack is coated with an industrial-strength adhesive, followed by a specialised crack filling material. The repaired surface is then smoothed out and painted over, to match the surrounding area if requested by client, which is usually the case.

Learn more about our concrete crack repair solutions by visiting this page:

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