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Garage Floors Fully Restored and Waterproofed

The second phase of the residential waterproofing project completed last week consisted of repairing and waterproofing the concrete garage floor which was significantly deteriorated. There were multiple cracks, and concrete had delaminated in many areas.

Repair Method

Careful surface preparation is key to the success of the entire project. As the first step, the entire two-car garage floor surface was ground, and all the loose concrete was chipped out and removed. The surface was cleaned of all the debris, and the restoration began.

All the cracks and the areas where old concrete was removed were coated with an industrial-strength adhesive, to ensure proper patch installation. In those areas that had caused leakage in the basement below, a waterproofing sealant was applied. The next step – concrete patches were installed.

Once the cement cured fully, two layers of a polyaspartic coating were applied. Once the base coat (first layer) was finished, an anti-slip aggregate was added to ensure the floor would be safe to walk on. The topcoat (second layer) followed, to fully seal the surface.

Lasting Repairs

Our specialized materials and application methods allow us to fully repair concrete surfaces, restoring their load-carrying capacity. Complete concrete slab demolition can usually be avoided, which saves materials, time, and labour. We are able to apply patches as thin as 5 mm, when needed, which makes it possible to restore a variety of surfaces.

Learn more about the benefits of waterproofing membranes by visiting this page:

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