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Concrete Surface Repairs at Toronto Pearson

One more concrete repair and waterproofing project was completed recently at the Toronto Pearson Airport, adding to our portfolio of work done at this facility and Hamilton International Airport, which includes apron surface repairs, elevator pit waterproofing, control joint and basin repairs, among others. This time it was for a different airport tenant who required repairs to be done at their refuelling bay.

Issues to be Solved

Due to the condition of the existing concrete surface, some demolition had to be done in preparation for concrete pouring, to repair the gutter around the bay’s edge. Since there were some cracks within the area, those had to be filled, and two expansion joints needed waterproofing.

Repair Method

Crack Repair

Unlike traditional methods that do not allow for lasting crack repair, our specialised procedure and the industrial-grade materials we use make it possible to fuse two concrete slabs, resulting in a durable solution. Our repair method is just as effective in areas with single or multiple cracks. We are able to fully restore even those cracked concrete surfaces that contain metal structures.

The following steps are taken to ensure lasting crack filling: either a grinder, a saw, or a chipping gun (depending on surface characteristics) is used to clean the crack out, a specialised adhesive is then used to coat the crack to ensure immediate and durable repair, and a crack-filling material is applied next.

Expansion Joint Waterproofing

To provide lasting waterproofing for floor expansion joints, an established repair method is used which starts with surface preparation. First, the joint must be cleaned out and an industrial-strength adhesive applied. A backer rod is then inserted, making sure it fits tightly – this will allow the injected material to remain in place. A polyurea-based injection is the last step of the repair.

Additional Scope

Once all the concrete repairs were done, the client made an additional request to realign parking spots within their VIP area, modifying the existing four slots to make room for eight. The required yellow lines were painted, and all the spots were marked clearly.

Learn more about a great variety of concrete repair and waterproofing work we have done at transportation, government, commercial and other types of facilities by browsing around our website.

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