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Concrete Step Restoration and Coating - Stage 2

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

We have been continuing concrete restoration work at 23 townhomes on Guildwood Way in Mississauga. This one is a staged project consisting of sandblasting, crack repair and patching, and coating.

Our Progress

Concrete steps and landings in two of the four buildings have been sandblasted in preparation for repairs. In building one, all of the steps and landings that required repair and coating have been completed.

In building two, concrete repairs (crack repair, patching, and parging) are finished, and base coat is being applied, to be followed by a mid-gray polyaspartic non-slip, UV-protection top coat).

Our Concrete Restoration Method

To fully restore a concrete surface, we fill in all the cracks and apply patches. Our specialized industrial-strength adhesives allow us to install patches as thin as 5 mm, which is not possible with traditional methods that require at least a 2-inch demolition.

Once the concrete surface is patched, it is parged over for a smoother finish. A base coat (primer) is then applied, followed by a top coat. In this case, a UV-protection (ideal for exterior surfaces) polyaspartic was used, broadcast with sand to ensure a non-slip finish.

Visit our website to learn about other concrete repair and waterproofing applications:

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