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Concrete Repairs at a Gas Production Plant – Phase 2

After successfully completing the first phase of repairs at a large gas-production company located in Hamilton, we were called back to work on the next phase which included the chemical and the transformer rooms.

Phase 2

The repairs required at this time were the floor of the chemical room and a concrete slab at the entrance to the transformer room.

Chemical Room Floor

Before painting the chemical room floor, we ground the surface in preparation for the first coat. Once applied, it was left to cure overnight, and the following day we applied the second coat, broadcasting it with sand, to ensure a non-slip surface.

Transformer Room Concrete Slab

To fully repair the slab, we ground its surface and fixed the cracks with an epoxy crack filler, applying patches, as needed.


Under traditional repair methods, patching requires a minimum of two-inch demolition in the affected area. The use of our specialized industrial-strength products permits thin patch applications, without use of any forming or concrete injection, making the job much more cost-efficient and faster.

This type of concrete repair involves three steps: removal of delaminated and unsound concrete, application of adhesive, and patch installation.

Learn more about our concrete repairs and waterproofing methods by visiting our page about patching:

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