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Concrete Repairs at a Gas Production Plant – Phase 1

A large gas-production company in Hamilton reached out to us looking for a lasting solution for a series of issues. Under previous management, facility maintenance had been neglected, which resulted in many concrete surfaces requiring repair and waterproofing.

Phase 1

Due to the extent of the work required, this project will be divided into multiple phases, with the most urgent issues to be solved first. Last week, we began our work at the truck delivery area where there was an urgent need to eliminate a tripping hazard created by uneven surface and parts of the curb with broken off concrete.

To fix the gas-loading area, the concrete floor was repaired (cracks were filled and patching was done) and the curb was restored. The result – a safe, even surface for drivers to walk on. The trench drain had to be cleared.

Crack Repair

We are able to fill cracks in any concrete surface, fully fusing two slabs of concrete, because our specialized materials make monolithic 1.95 MPa adhesion possible. Even wet concrete surfaces can be restored to their original condition.

Concrete Patching

Unlike with traditional methods that require a two-inch demolition (minimum), we are able to install patches as thin as 5 mm thanks to the use of our specialized industrial-strength products. The resulting patch is monolithic which allows for complete restoration of concrete surfaces.

To apply a patch, we follow a three-step procedure: remove unsound concrete, apply adhesive, and install the patch.

Other Waterproofing Applications

Learn more about other concrete repair and waterproofing solutions we offer by checking our pages on this website.

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