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Complete Concrete Balcony Repair & Waterproofing

One of the projects done this week was balcony repair and waterproofing at a low-rise commercial building located on Augusta Ave. in Toronto.

Scope of Balcony Repairs

Concrete balcony repair and waterproofing may consist of crack repair, patching, slope reversal, parging, a waterproofing membrane, and a top coat.

The Repair Method

In this case, crack repair and slope reversal were done ahead of the waterproofing membrane. Our specialized materials that allow for thin patch applications​ make it possible to reverse inverted or flat balcony slope (we are able to apply extensive patches, as thin as 5 mm).

To ensure proper installation of a polyurea-based waterproofing membrane, the balcony surface was covered with geotextile material. Next, the membrane was applied, followed by a layer of polyaspartic coating which fully seals the newly repaired surface and allows the client to choose the colour and the texture (through the use of aggregates). This coating was broadcast with sand, to provide a safe non-slip surface.

Learn more about reasons for balcony leakage and our repair methods by visiting our page on balconies:

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