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Waterproofing Solutions for Residential Buildings

Last week we were called back for several more waterproofing projects at a mid-rise residential building located on Bayview Avenue in Markham where we had provided a solution for a retaining wall and planters, as well as done foundation waterproofing around the building perimeter.

This time, the request was to do ceiling crack repair at the P3 level of their parking garage. Now that they have been completed successfully, we were asked to assess the other two levels and prioritise ceiling crack repair there. Besides, since the P1 level has a dropped ceiling which conceals pipes which are leaking, we were also asked to inspect those and determine the scope of work.

In the meantime, one more project has been awarded to us – indoor swimming pool waterproofing, which will consist of removing the existing discoloured tiles, cleaning and lining the surface with a specialised fiber material, and spraying with a polyurea-based membrane.

Repair Method

Crack Repair

Repairing ceiling cracks poses an added challenge since if inappropriate materials are used, they will not remain in place. Our repair method consists of opening up the crack enough to ensure proper material installation. Once cleaned out, it is coated with an industrial-strength adhesive, followed by a crack filling material. The repaired surface is then smoothed out and painted over, to match the surrounding area.

Pipe Waterproofing

To avoid the replacement of leaky pipes, we are able to repair them through the use of fiberglass and waterproofing materials. Several projects like this have been completed successfully in other parking garages.

Learn more about our wide range of concrete repairs and waterproofing solutions for underground parking garages by visiting this page:

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