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Waterproofing Solutions for Pools

Recently we were contacted to provide a waterproofing solution for a swimming pool at a residence in King City. There was active leaking, and the metal surfaces were rusted.

Repair Method

The first step was the repair of the cold joint (a week area where two concrete slabs meet) around the entire pool. It was opened up a bit with a chipping gone to allow for efficient waterproofing. Since there was an active leak, polymer cement was used first throughout the joint and dried with a torch. A specialised sealer was applied next, followed by a patch running along the entire joint. Once the concrete cured, it was coated with an industrial-strength adhesive, and waterproofing material was installed as the final layer.

For the vertical joints, the gray tape that had been used for sealing them was removed, and a specialised crack filling material was installed, followed by a waterproofing layer.

Next, the metal wall around the pool was cleaned off with a grinder and solvent to remove any accumulated rust, in preparation for coating.

As a final step, all the areas mentioned were sealed with a gray polyaspartic coating which is a polyrea-based waterproofing membrane. It provides lasting sealing while renewing the surface, and comes with a choice of colours and options for a textured look.

Learn more about the benefits of polyurea-based membranes by vising this page:

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