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Waterproofing Solutions for Elevator Pits

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Waterproofing Solutions for Elevator Pits

Providing customised waterproofing applications and responding quickly is crucial in some projects, as was the case with the elevator pit of a temple located on Daviselm Drive in Brampton. It is a new build that required urgent waterproofing so that the elevator could be installed later on this week.

The challenge of this particular project – the building is located on saturated ground because of a nearby pond. For this reason, the elevator company gave particular specifications that included ensuring the elevator pit would not be shallower than five feet, and that the cold joint (the corner formed by the walls and the floor) would remain at the 90-degree angle to allow for proper elevator steel equipment installation.

Repair Method

Because of the project specifications given by the elevator company, we did not apply our standard cold joint waterproofing procedure that includes installing a continuous patch around the entire perimeter at a 45-degree angle. Instead, we kept the 90-degree angle, waterproofing this joint, as well as other joints around the shaft.

We also fixed cracks and installed a polyaspartic waterproofing membrane (it is a polyurea-based material that offer durable results). Because of the surrounding soil characteristics – high levels of water saturation – a higher than usual upturn was done around the pit walls (three feet up the walls instead of the standard one or two).

Customised Applications

Meeting our clients’ needs while providing lasting waterproofing solutions is our top priority. Providing a timely response is also essential, as was in this case, since coordination with the elevator equipment provider was involved.

Learn more about our repairs and see other examples of our work by visiting our page:

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