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Utility Room Surfaces Waterproofed in Medical Facilities

Carrying out any kind of concrete repair or waterproofing project at a medical facility requires strict adherence to their health and safety protocols, as well as careful coordination with the client to ensure that their normal operations are not affected. Extra care must also be taken to control the dust and use zero-VOC materials in such sensitive environments.

Mechanical Equipment Pads

We were hired by a well-established construction company to waterproof newly built housekeeping pads in a hospital facility located on Bay Street in Toronto. There were a number of raised concrete pads to coat, with a total surface of approximately 400 SQF.

Utility room floors and raised concrete pads used for equipment can degrade quickly if not protected by a specialised waterproofing membrane because of the acidic substances released by the machinery.

Waterproofing Method

This time, coating was done with the materials specified for this project by the engineers, and we helped in making sure the correct waterproofing membrane was purchased within the established timelines.

To ensure proper adhesion and lasting waterproofing results, the surface was prepared first: any minor cracks were filled, and slight grinding was done. Two layers of a Sika 100% solid epoxy coating were applied.

Learn more about our waterproofing solutions for any type of utility room – mechanical rooms, garbage rooms, pool equipment rooms, etc. – by vising this page:

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