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Urethane Traffic Coatings for Parking Garages

As a property manager, you know how important it is to maintain the condition of your parking garage floor. If the surface of the floor is cracked or full of holes, it can be both an eyesore and a safety hazard. That’s why it’s so important to repair any damage and install a protective coating.

Last week we completed just that kind of a garage floor project at a low-rise residential building located on Bloor St. W in Toronto where we repaired a total area of 4,500 SQF.

Scope of Work

To fully restore this garage floor – the concrete surface was severely damaged, with parts of it completely broken up – crack repair and patching had to be done, followed by shotblasting, further crack repair and patching, and a urethane membrane installation.

Repair Method

Crack Repair and Patching

The first step of the repair consisted of fixing the cracks and installing the necessary patches. Cracks are opened up and cleaned out to ensure that the specialised crack filler will be installed properly. Once a crack is clean, it is coated with adhesive and filled. Patching is done, as required. Next, shotblasting was done.

Shotblasting – What Is It?

Shotblasting is a process in which steel ball bearings are released at high velocity onto the surface of a concrete floor. This process breaks up any concrete that is cracked or damaged, leaving behind a smooth and clean substrate. This process also removes oil and grease from the surface, which are often present in parking lot floors due to vehicles driving on them regularly.

The Benefits of Shotblasting

One major benefit of shotblasting your parking garage floor is that it provides an optimal substrate for proper adhesion. Once the damaged concrete has been removed from the surface, you can apply basecoat and topcoat to provide protection and restore aesthetic appeal to your flooring. Shotblasting also helps to expose other issues with the concrete that may have not been visible before – such as cracks in need of repair or patching – allowing you to address these problems directly before they become bigger issues down the line.

Finally, shotblasting helps create a safer environment for anyone who uses your parking garage. With shotblast-treated floors, there are no loose chunks of concrete to get in people’s way or cause any potential harm if stepped on incorrectly. A smooth and even surface can prevent any unnecessary accidents from occurring in your space.

More Crack Repair and Patching

Another benefit of shotblasting is that it exposes any other issues – cracks or loose concrete – that is not immediately visible otherwise. As a result, a few more cracks were revealed and were repaired.

Membrane Application

As the final step, the entire garage floor surface was primed in preparation for base coat application – a water-based epoxy primer was used. A urethane basecoat was applied and broadcast with a specialised aggregate for a non-slip texture required for pedestrian safety. The following day, an aromatic (non-UV protect) traffic coat was applied, and the yellow lines were painted later on.

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