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Turnkey Solutions for Residential Condo Buildings

In July 2021 we started with our first project at a high-end condominium in the Bayview-Steeles area which had an issue with ground erosion – it is located on a ravine lot where the ground washes away as it rains, exposing the waterproofing membrane. A new retaining wall was built, and waterproofing was done. Since then, we were asked to provide more solutions, including ceiling crack repair and patching, as well as painting in their underground parking garage. Over the last several weeks, our crews have been painting garage walls, columns, and ceilings.

Concrete Patching

By using industrial-grade materials and specialised repair methods, we are able to do extensive repairs and install patches as thin as 5 mm when necessary. We can also correct the slope of different surfaces by applying a continuous patch of varying thickness. Because thin patching is possible, the work can be done faster (less demolition is needed – not the minimum of two inches as required when traditional repair methods are followed, and less material is used). Thicker patches are installed if necessary: it depends on project characteristics and requirements. Once the concrete cures, it is painted over to match the surrounding surface.

Our patches are monolithic – the new concrete bonds to the existing substrate forming a surface that is even stronger than the original. This allows us to fully restore the structural integrity of the repaired concrete slab.

Crack Repair

A durable solution would not be possible if traditional methods were followed: once a concrete surface cracks, the two parts of the slab cannot be fused together properly – the repair will not last. The use of specialised materials, however, provides a monolithic 1.85 MPa adhesion which allows for efficient crack filling – the material will remain in place and bond instantly to the substrate, fusing the two concrete slabs.

To repair a crack, the following steps are taken: chipping or grinding is done to remove any loose concrete and clean out the crack, an industrial-grade adhesive is applied next, to be followed by a crack-filling material which will bond immediately to the substate. Just like with patching, once the repaired area cures, it is painted over to match the surrounding surface.

Garage Painting

Once all the repairs were completed, we were asked to paint all the surfaces with the corresponding colour: black or white, with areas in green. Walls, columns, and ceilings were painted at the three levels of the parking garage.

Learn more about our wide range of concrete repairs and waterproofing solutions by visiting this page:

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