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Polyurethane Floor Systems

One more project was carried out recently at a food-processing plant located in south Etobicoke where we have been doing concrete repairs and waterproofing in different areas since November 2020. This time we were requested to install a waterproofing membrane in their new production room with a total floor area of 4,400 SQF.

Repair Method

Before the waterproofing membrane could be installed, the floor surface had to be prepared. In this case, substrate preparation consisted of shotblasting and grinding. The existing cracks were repaired with a fast-setting epoxy-based crack filler – they were first cleaned out and coated with an industrial-strength adhesive, which ensures proper filler installation.

Next, a polyurethane concrete screed membrane was applied with a trowel. Because of its high level of mechanical and chemical resistance, only one layer was required.

Benefits of Polyurethane Resin Screed

These membranes are an ideal option for the most demanding work environments. Their outstanding heat and impact resistance qualities make them a great choice in a variety of buildings. In this case, in such highly sensitive areas as production rooms of a food-processing plant, its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties are an added bonus.

Learn more about the benefits of other membrane installations by visiting this page:

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