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Polyurethane Coatings for Mechanical Room Floors

Property Management of a high-rise residential building located on Doris Ave. in North York contacted us requesting a solution for their mechanical room floor. The existing membrane was delaminated, and the floor had cracks. The surface required repair, and a new waterproofing membrane had to be installed over the entire area of 1,500 SQF.

Repair Method

To get lasting waterproofing results, the first step is to prepare the substrate properly. In this case, the old membrane was removed, and the cracks were filled. Our standard crack repair procedure was followed: the cracks were opened up, cleaned out, coated with an industrial-grade adhesive, and filled with a specialised material.

Once the floor was restored, it was ready for a two-layer polyurethane membrane application. The basecoat was applied, followed by a broadcasting of non-slip aggregates. A polyurethane topcoat followed, to fully seal the surface.

Polyurethane Coatings – Advantages

These membranes are a great choice if a less expensive option is required (when compared to the cost of polyurea). Despite a lower cost, they still offer a range of benefits, such as a high load-carrying capacity, as well as resistance to abrasion, impact, tearing, water, oil, and grease – qualities that are a must when it comes to utility room floors. They also provide strong bonding properties and come in a choice of colours (different pigments can be added if requested).

Learn more about our range of solutions for utility rooms by visiting this page:

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