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Polyurea Membranes – Versatile Waterproofing Applications

Homeowners know that durable waterproofing solutions are crucial to maintaining the integrity of a home. As time passes, even the best building materials can break down and become ineffective. Weather elements can accelerate that breakdown, often leading to costly repairs that could have been avoided with preventive measures. That's where polyurea membranes come in.

This was the material of choice for the two applications done at a townhome on Kingston Rd. in Scarborough this week where the balcony cold joint was waterproofed, and localised roof repairs were done (over the existing torch-down membrane) using the same application.

Repair Method

The crucial aspect of waterproofing a home is properly preparing the substrate. Before applying the polyurea membrane, the initial step is to clean and remove debris or any dirt from the surface, ensuring that the membrane can adhere effectively to the substrate. Polyurea membrane creates an impenetrable barrier that prevents any water intrusion, making it invaluable in the construction industry for waterproofing applications.

Once the surface was clean, it was coated with a specialised primer, followed by the base layer of a flexible cold-applied polyurea-based membrane. Before it cured, a polyester fleece was embedded, creating an even stronger moisture barrier. Once dried, it was coated with a second layer of the polyurea-based membrane.

Advantages of Using Polyurea

These membranes are a popular material used in waterproofing applications because of their versatility, durability, and outstanding resistance to corrosion, abrasion, and impact.

Unlike other waterproofing systems, polyurea also bonds well to a variety of substrates. This bond creates a robust surface that won't crack, peel or blister even in extreme temperature shifts. It can withstand UV rays or chemical exposure, making it a reliable choice for waterproofing applications.

Polyurea's low VOC emissions and quick-curing consistency mean that it doesn't produce harmful chemicals and, as a result, is environmentally friendly. Additionally, the waterproofing membrane has a long lifespan, which means that it requires minimal maintenance over its life.

Versatile Waterproofing Solutions

Learn more about a wide range of concrete repair and waterproofing services we offer by vising the different pages on this website. For more information on repairs done in the private residential sector, please consult this page:

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