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Parking Garage Traffic Toping Application

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Parking garage floor repair at a low-rise residential apartment building on Morningside Avenue in Toronto was completed last week.

The floor was pitted, which made it a rough surface that collects dust easily. It needed levelling, traffic topping, and a topcoat to ensure a lasting repair.

The Challenge

Because of the building’s location near High Park with limited street parking, moving vehicles out of the garage proves to be challenging, making close coordination with property owners essential. Cleaning the surface in preparation for repairs was difficult because of the rough surface

The Solution

Only five-six cars were moved at any given time, so the garage floor repair with the total surface of 5,000 SQF had to be done in five sections (one section at a time). Each section was completed over a three-day period, with surface preparation, priming, and coating each taking a day.

The surface was cleaned through power washing, using an environmentally friendly cleaning solution. A self-levelling primer was used to fill in all the pits, followed by the traffic topping (a base coat epoxy broadcast with sand – for a non-slip and strong surface), and finished off with a polyaspartic topcoat.

All work was done with minimal disruption to residents. The repair resulted in a clean, dust-free floor which will be fully protected for many years to come.

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