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Localised Mechanical Room Floor Repair

We have ample experience restoring and waterproofing utility room floors – our projects have included concrete floors in mechanical, boiler, chemical, pool, and garbage rooms in high-rise residential and commercial buildings. On this occasion, we were requested to provide a localised floor repair in a mechanical room of a high-rise residential building located on Dundas St W in Toronto.

Special Considerations

Utility rooms generally are harsh environments due to their use – either garbage bins are dragged across the floor causing substantial damage, or there is acidic spillage from the machinery they contain which also has a great impact on the concrete surface if it is not duly protected. To ensure that the floor can be in service and not require repair for many years, a specialised waterproofing membrane is needed.

Repair Method

In this case, we were requested to repair just one area of the mechanical room floor, around a drain, with a total area of 60 SQF. First, some grinding was done to ensure there would be no loose concrete which would prevent the waterproofing coating from binding properly. The necessary patching was done next – thanks to our specialised materials and repair methods, we are able to install patches as thin as 5 mm which allows us to fully restore concrete surfaces and correct slope when needed. A polyaspartic waterproofing coating followed, in a two-layer application, for increased durability.

Learn more about the services we offer when it comes to utility room waterproofing and floor restoration by visiting this page:

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