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Lasting Waterproofing Solutions for Water Features

Waterproofing work at a private residence on O’Connor Dr. in Toronto has been completed: the decorative pond, totalling over 3,200 SQF, has received the final coating and can be filled with water for the summer season.

This project had begun last fall, after a successful completion of other repairs performed, including elevator pit waterproofing and concrete crack repair in the mechanical room and other areas.

Phase 1 – Repair and Waterproofing

The project began with the removal of the old, bubbled-up membrane to ensure proper adhesion of the new waterproofing coating. We meticulously ground the concrete substrate, uncovering cracks that were initially unsuccessfully repaired with crack filler. We then reopened these cracks, applied a high-performance waterproofing material, and patched them, effectively resolving the issue. Next, we thoroughly cleaned the 3,220 square feet pond floor with specialised solvents, prepared it for the epoxy coating, and added a layer of geotextile followed by an additional epoxy coat, significantly enhancing the durability of the waterproofing system.

The second phase had to be postponed till this spring because of the weather conditions.

Phase 2 – Waterproofing Membrane Top Coat

This month, with improved weather conditions, we resumed work to apply the final decorative layer of the waterproofing system. This essential step guarantees both the durability and visual appeal of the waterproofing, offering strong protection against water infiltration. The pond walls were coated last week, while the pond floor surface was completed yesterday.

Benefits of Specialised Coatings

For this project, we used a specialised two-component coating specifically designed for pool applications. This advanced coating offers several significant benefits:

  • Chemical Resistance: The coating is formulated to withstand exposure to pool chemicals, ensuring long-term durability and preventing degradation that could compromise the waterproofing.

  • Abrasion Resistance: It provides excellent resistance to wear and tear, making it ideal for surfaces subjected to constant water movement and human activity.

  • UV Stability: The coating maintains its integrity and appearance when exposed to sunlight, preventing fading and deterioration over time.

These properties make the two-component coating an excellent choice for waterproofing applications in pool environments, ensuring both functional and aesthetic benefits. This system works well even in harsh pool environments where it is exposed to a variety of chemicals. For water features like this decorative pond, it will provide even more durable waterproofing results.

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