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Lasting Waterproofing for Elevator Pits

One more example of our elevator pit repairs is the one performed in a high-rise apartment building on Weston Road, Toronto. After repairing some cracks, followed by concrete patching, the pit floor was coated with a specialized waterproofing membrane.

Polyurea-Based Waterproofing Membranes

We use polyurea-based membranes as the final touch in our waterproofing process, to ensure lasting results (this coating has been proven to withstand 30 years of freeze-thaw cycles). Their formula protects concrete surfaces against residual moisture and relative humidity – an especially useful feature for these environments which are highly prone to leaking.

The best part – such membranes cure in seconds, allowing to make elevators available for use quickly. At this site, we coordinated with March Elevator to ensure tenants would have access to the elevator that same day.

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