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Lasting Solutions for Utility Room Flooring

The multi-phase project that initiated at the beginning of September at a mid-rise residential complex situated on Maison Parc Court in Thornhill has been ongoing since. Set to be finalized by spring 2024, it encompasses a comprehensive scope of work, including repairing cracks and patching on both levels of the underground parking garage, addressing concrete issues on the ramp, trench drain, and garbage area, implementing cold joint waterproofing, and conducting repairs on the ceilings, as well as applying floor coatings in all utility rooms.

During week three of the project, floor restoration and coating was done in both generator rooms and the sprinkler room, with the total square footage of close to 2,500.

Repair Method

The fundamental prerequisite for a successful waterproofing membrane installation lies in proper surface preparation. In this case, the procedure involved the grinding and cleaning of approximately 2,500 square feet of flooring, in the three utility rooms combined. Cracks were then filled with an epoxy crack filler, and a two-component epoxy-based primer was applied to the entire floor surface. Two layers of gray polyaspartic were then installed, for lasting results.

Advantages of Polyaspartic Coatings

Polyaspartic coatings are well-known for their exceptional durability, rendering them resistant to the rigors of heavy machinery, foot traffic, and corrosive chemicals. This makes them particularly well-suited for utility rooms. Unlike traditional coatings, which demand frequent reapplication, polyaspartic coatings can endure for up to two decades, significantly reducing the expenses associated with repairs and maintenance.

Moreover, the rapid curing nature of this material allows for swift installation, ensuring that the area can be accessed in under 24 hours. Polyaspartic membranes have slip-resistant properties and are easy to maintain. An additional benefit – their colour can be adjusted, and decorative non-slip flakes can be added, depending on project requirements and customer preferences.

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