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Lasting Mechanical Room Floor Coating

A series of concrete repair and waterproofing projects has been carried out at a mid-rise residential building located on Church St. in Toronto since July. Work scope has included parking garage wall and ceiling crack repair, and utility room (boiler room and pool room) floor crack repair and waterproofing coating. This week we finished the second phase (over 1,000 SQF) of the swimming pool mechanical room floor membrane application.

Repair Method

To ensure durable waterproofing results, the substrate must be prepared carefully before a specialised membrane can be installed. In this case, there was an existing epoxy floor paint which had to be removed first. The required amount of grinding was done to make sure no loose material remained (which would prevent proper adhesion of the polyurea-based membrane). Since there were some cracks in the floor surface, they had to be filled first.

Our crack repair method consists of opening up the crack enough to ensure proper material installation. Once cleaned out, the crack is coated with an industrial-strength adhesive, followed by a specialised crack filling material. The repaired surface is then smoothed out before either paint or a waterproofing membrane is applied.

For this project, a polyaspartic coating was chosen as it offers heavy-duty protection for years to come.

Learn more about our range of solutions for utility rooms by visiting this page:

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