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Lasting Garage Floor Repair and Waterproofing

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Durable garage waterproofing begins with proper preparation – which is what was done at a residential garage located on York Valley Crescent in North York.

Surface Preparation

As the first step of the waterproofing process, the garage floor was ground and swept up, to ensure the repairs could be done correctly. Surface grinding helps clean out the cracks in preparation for their filling – this ensures proper material bonding when adhesive is applied.

Next, all the cracks were filled.

Crack Repair

Under traditional methods, two slabs of concrete cannot be fused together when there is a crack. This, however, is not the case through the use of our specialized materials which make monolithic 1.85 MPa adhesion possible. Not only can we repair concrete but also restore it to its original condition, even when wet.

It works both on single cracks and concrete surfaces with multiple issues - no need for complete resurfacing.

Waterproofing Membrane

Two layers of polyaspartic membrane were applied, for lasting waterproofing results. First, the garage floor was coated with one layer of polyaspartic, broadcast with sand for a non-slip finish. After curing for two hours, any sand that was not absorbed was removed. The second layer was then applied, also broadcast with sand. As a result, the garage floor is completed sealed; its surface is safe to walk on and looks good.

Learn more about other waterproofing membranes that we offer by visiting our page on polyurea-based applications:

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