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Lasting Balcony Waterproofing

Balcony leaks could be caused by several issues – ranging from cracks to inappropriate balcony slab slope, or cold joints that had not been waterproofed properly. All of these repairs must be done, as needed, in order to ensure lasting waterproofing results.

This week we had another residential balcony project in Hamilton – we were requested to provide a durable waterproofing solution.

Repair Method

First, the existing cracks were repaired: they were routed with a grinder, coated with an industrial-strength adhesive, and filled with a specialised crack filling material. As the final step, the repaired surface was ground until smooth enough for the waterproofing membrane installation. Cold joints (a weaker area in the concrete surface where two slabs meet – balcony floor and wall, in this case) were waterproofed next – fiber glass fleece and a waterproofing coating were applied.

The final step of balcony slab repair is the installation of a waterproofing membrane. Two layers of a polyaspartic coating were applied: after the base coat (the first layer) had been applied, non-slip aggregates were broadcast to ensure the surface would be safe to walk on. A polyaspartic top coat (the second layer) followed, to fully seal the surface. Such double-layer application provides lasting waterproofing results, as well as a renewed look for the surface it is installed on.

Learn more about other repair and waterproofing solutions we offer for balcony surfaces by visiting our page:

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