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Infrared Camera Pro User - That Can Be You!

Ready to go beyond just a quick early warning signs check? If you want to fully explore and diagnose your elevator shaft, then simply getting an infrared camera will not do the trick - it’s time to become an infrared thermography pro. Infrared camera pro user? Yes, you can become one!

Infrared Thermography Certification

This level is achieved through a three-tier Infrared Thermography Certification (ITC), which makes certain a thermographer has the following skills:

  • Operation of an infrared camera

  • Quality data collection

  • Generation of professional infrared inspection reports

  • Understanding of techniques and limitations of infrared thermography when it comes to specific applications

There is a variety of institutions that offer such certification courses, but in general future professional thermographers must be prepared to attend a training course, take exams and quizzes, as well as turn in a field assignment as proof of their understanding on how to operate an infrared camera and use the data collected. It does take some effort to become an infrared camera pro user.

Infrared Thermographers One Call Away

All this hassle can, of course, be avoided by calling us and having us perform the infrared analysis for you!

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