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Infrared Cameras - Which Ones Are Used by Professionals?

Since thermal imaging is an expanding market - with new applications springing up continuously - there is an ever-growing variety of infrared cameras available. There are many infrared camera types, and choosing the perfect one might seem complicated, so here is a little information about a few of the choices available.


When image resolution - without a high price tag attached - is the most important consideration, these cameras will be your top pick. The most accurate thermographic measurements and images are made possible thanks to their superior sensitivity and new four-fold SuperResolution technology.


When a tough camera is what is needed, Fluke’s over-molded, rubberized design is the right choice. This device can handle even a six-foot drop, which makes its the most durable option. There is a whole gamma of Building Diagnostic and industrial applications.


If you are looking for the fastest camera on the market (in terms of data collection and management), this brand, coupled with METERLiNK products, will be your top choice. It might also be the right option for you due to its ability to interface with Apple iPhone® and iPad®.

Flir One Attachment Camera

However, if you prefer not to invest in a full-blown infrared camera, smartphone imagers might be the right choice for you. One such option is the FLIR ONE cameras that attach to a smartphone’s or tablet's Lightning or USB-C connectors, with a battery life of about 45 minutes of continuous operation.

Infrared Thermographers

There is, of course, yet another choice - call us, and we will be happy to do diagnose your elevator shaft for you. Our team of professionals will take care of the the entire process, starting with the infrared scanning to determine the extent of leakage, and ending with waterproofing the entire perimeter.

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