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Green Skin – Green Waterproofing Technology

With over six years of experience providing permanent concrete waterproofing and concrete repair services in Toronto, the GTA and the surrounding areas, we are always working to improve our application methods. Using Green Technology Applications, wherever possible, has become our priority.

With our green technology product, Green Skin – a durable waterproofing membrane designed for large-scale commercial applications, we are able to provide long-lasting waterproofing solutions. Its spray-on application allows us to cover large areas in a matter of hours. In addition to providing durable waterproofing, this membrane offers a UV-resistant, non-slip finish.

Jointless, Durable Application

Green Skin is the only membrane capable of covering concrete slabs and expansion joints in one application, which saves over $300 per linear foot (by eliminating the need to waterproof expansion joints separately). Because of its spray-on nature, Green Skin can be applied continuously, without creating joints, which makes for a durable waterproofing solution – unlike roll applications.

Green Technology

With its solvent-free, 100% solids formula, Green Skin is fully recyclable into green composites. Since it emits no VOCs, this product is safe to use in water containment systems. During the application process, there is no out-gassing, and thus – no impact on the environment.

Exceptional Properties

With unprecedented curing time (within seconds), and unparalleled chemical resistance, Green Skin is the ideal solution for large-scale commercial applications. Its exceptional mechanical properties bridge concrete micro-cracks and prevent further cracks from forming.

With its ability to withstand temperatures as low as -40°C , Green Skin offers protection from cold winter weather. Designed for rooftop applications, among others, Green Skin offers UV-protection and is able to withstand summer heat as well.

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