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Foundation Wall Waterproofing – Solutions for Condo Buildings

Concrete repair and waterproofing work at a high-end mid-rise condominium in the Bayview-Steeles area began in July 2021, and we have been contacted to do several projects since. The solutions provided included a new retaining wall to deviate water from the building and prevent leakage into the basement, concrete repairs in the parking garage (walls, columns, and ceilings), swimming pool waterproofing, and garage wall painting. Last week we were contacted to determine the sources of a leak into the basement and to waterproof the foundation.

Determining Leakage Source

To locate the source of the leak, the stones had to be removed and the existing waterproofing membrane exposed. It turned out that part of it was damaged, so it was removed as well, and the issue became evident – the leak originated around the tubes that come out of the foundation wall.

Foundation Waterproofing

The area was coated with a cold-applied polyurea-based waterproofing material, and geotextile was installed to provide a more durable result. It was coated with another layer of the waterproofing material, and an insulation board was installed to protect the new membrane. The stones were then placed back.

Learn more about a variety of concrete repairs and waterproofing solutions we can provide by visiting the different pages on our website.

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